My entry for R.O.P.E. (Resurrect an Old Project Etc.) Jam 2018. This is a crappy little mini-game kind of thing, done in HTML5 with Construct2, with boring old 8-bit-esque pixel art and an offputting theme. It was about 98% finished in 2014 (or whenever it actually was) but the controls were utterly horrible and it wasn't properly released (I think I just briefly stuck it on some webspace I had at the time for playtesting purposes). I have fixed up the controls because now I have some idea of what I'm doing with Construct2, and I also sorted out the font which wasn't too good (the current one is a variant on the ZX Spectrum font).

HOW TO PLAY: Hundreds of psychopaths in cars are trying to mow down a line of defenceless foetuses. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the kitty around, so it can bash into the cars and make them blow up. The cars will keep on coming until all the foetuses are dead. Try to top your high score!

I would like to make it absolutely clear that this is NOT an anti-abortion statement. I just thought the idea of a cat smashing into cars and making them explode to protect squirming unborn babies was funny, in 2014.

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