Soup has existed since the dawn of mankind. Use the left and the right. Constant jumping. This has nothing to do with soup.

There is also a possibility of failure.

Install instructions

The "web build" download is the raw directory with everything in it to make it function when running on a web server. It is provided for archiving purposes, and can technically be run on any platform that supports HTML5 browsers. However, attempting to run the index.html file locally will result in it being blocked. To properly play it offline, you will need to run a local server on your computer. Please note that any attempts to do this are done at your own risk.


i heard that soup is pretty good 0.3.2d - web build (2020).zip 486 kB
iheardthatsoupisprettygood - web build (2018 - 19).zip 485 kB


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nice game! it's bloody simple, but I still like it (especially because of nice sounds in it). 

p.s. ISN'T EASY 

Thank you!