A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The life of a piece of garlic bread is ugly and short. There is no escape. Remember: the closing scene of Themroc. Maybe another world wouldn't be so bad? Maybe another world would be -

This game was produced in a manic semi-anxious state as the author's head leaked into the subconscious rivers of everyone's garden backs. You'll have noticed all the filth flying around. 

The onions expressed are not necessarily those of the author. The opinions expressed are also not necessarily those of the author.

Be nice to each other.

Install instructions

This works on Windows, and apparently can be made to work on Linux if you know what you're doing. (It's made using Ren'py.)

Feelin' pukey


garlicbread-2.0.3-pc.zip 57 MB


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I really enjoyed the arc between the garlic bread and his father.