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Think of a famous person. ("Famous" can be relative - anyone from a well-known local figure to a global superstar will do.) You have to act as that person's faulty clone, in that you have the exact opposite likes and dislikes as them.

The other player(s) must try and work out which individual you are a faulty clone of by asking you no more than 20 questions. These questions are simply on whether you like [X] or hate [X]. You have to reply with the opposite of what that person is known (or at least commonly assumed) to prefer / hate. The other player(s) will then have to mentally reverse each answer to get to the true identity.

If no one has correctly guessed after 20 goes, the answer is revealed and another player gets to be a faulty clone of their choosing. This continues for a number of rounds - about three should be enough, but you may change this if you want. To keep track of questions asked and rounds played, you will need to have a pen and paper handy.

The player who was the most successful at guessing all the clones wins. In a tie-break situation, an additional round will be played; the ultimate winner will be decided if any of the remaining players guess correctly or if the clone player avoids being identified.

This was created for the Pen & Paper Game Jam, which encourages the creation of games that don't need computers to play them. If you wish, you can download a ZIP file containing the above rules in plain text format, an MS Word DOC, and as a PDF. It also includes this game's hastily thrown together "cover art". All files should be viewable on any modern computer.

Install instructions

This zip file contains the rules of the game in three widely usable document formats. If for whatever reason you cannot open the PDF or the DOC file, it can still be read and accessed through the plain text file version. The files can be unpacked to anywhere you think is suitable.


Faulty Clone v1.0.zip 45 kB

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