An entry for LSDJAM 2020

Inspired by the legendary PS1 game LSD: Dream Emulator - as is everything else in this jam - DMTREM presents a constantly shifting and changing dreamworld purely through text. A small explorable map is combined with randomized room and object descriptions to create a fragmented and nonsensical experience. In a similar manner to the original, it's all based on things my own subconscious has thrown at me while I've been trying to get some sleep.

I don't think there's anything in this game that might upset anyone, but it does strive to create a feeling of general anxiety - because that's what lots of my own dreams are like. Thanks, Brain.

This is a beta release which has everything mostly implemented, but there's bound to be typos and mistakes in the text. Additional dream locations may be added at a later date, with the emphasis on "may". The fixing of bugs and typos are more likely.


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this is a really cool game! the effect of the randomised room/descriptions was really effective, created that dreamlike sense of familiar chaos. i got a few different endings and it seems like they all involve the player's sister/ mother, which i think is really interesting. i love that you kind of get a sense of who the player is through their dreams. great job :D

Thank you!

i like this for its randomness' witch it makes it kind of funny in a way

This is really interesting and your descriptions are vivid! I can feel the immersion as I read the texts.

Thank you!

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sorry is good game ;)

I'm sorry you didn't like this. I would say it's sort of like a walking simulator in that you're moving about from location to location for most of it, like a parser driven adventure. It'd be more obvious if the player had to actually type in directions like those games, I guess, and if it were all just room descriptions. Hopefully other entries in this jam will be more up your street.

sorry this is my future of me and sorry

This is absolutely great. I love the descriptions. Would love to see it grow. I wonder if those AI generators could do something like that...

Glad you liked it! Maybe I could see if I could port it to some kind of AI engine to provide further variation / chaos.